Memorable visit of the National Assembly of the People's Power of Cuba to the Akshardham temple, Delhi.

New Delhi, March 26, 2017. During the visit of the delegation of the Cuban Parliament to the Akshardam temple we were able to appreciate the rich heritage and philosophy of India. It has a grand movie theatre, heritage boat ride and a light sound show with in the temple The shrine is dedicated to Swami Nayarayanan of the Hindu sect Swami Narayanan. This majestic temple was built from 2000 to 2005, without the use of steel, since its entire structure is based on centuries-old traditional methods of construction. This place is an example of the wonderful structures of temples that used to exist, with fabulous tourist attractions to explain the development of Indian society from time immemorial until today. The attention was exquisite and the explanations received very professional. According to the explanations received this center receives from 10 thousand to 5 thousand visitors daily.

The Cuban parliamentary delegation was chaired by Yolanda Ferrer, president of the International Relations Commission of the National Assembly of People's Power (ANPP) and made up of Lázaro Barredo Medina and Surina Acosta Brooks members of the aforementioned commission of II.RR where Acosta Brooks is in charge of Children, Youth and Women Empowerment. The three Cuban member of Parliament were accompanied by Jesus Mora, an official of the ANPP's International Relations Commission, the Cuban Ambassador to India Oscar Martínez Cordovés and Marileydis Dueñas Morales, counselor and deputy head of mission at the embassy in Delhi.


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