Message from the Communist Party of Cuba to the National Conference of the Sinn Féin Party.

Message from the Communist Party of Cuba to the National Conference of the Sinn Féin Party.

Dear Friends

The Communist Party of Cuba greets the National Conference of Sinn Fein, and conveys its wishes that you achieve the results that are proposed, and advance in the new political goals of the party.

In the more than 60 years of facing the permanent aggressions of the successive administrations of the United States, Cubans have learned that only dignity, resistance and unity have made it possible to confront the imperialist interests of reversing the Cuban revolutionary process.

The resurgence, in the last two years, of the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States against Cuba, highlights its genocidal and criminal nature, by using the limitations imposed by the Covid19 pandemic, to generate greater suffering for our people. 

Only socialism and its humanistic essence, justice and equality has made it possible not only to resist, but also to advance in the control of the pandemic, thanks to the development of science and medicine that have allowed Cuba to be the country with the highest index of immunization, achieved with our own vaccines, which we make available to other peoples, as an expression of solidarity and brotherhood.

Those who, through the application of instruments of unconventional war, of media campaigns financed from the United States and encouraged by right-wing sectors in the European Parliament, promoting hatred and internal subversion, bet on the failure of the Cuban Revolution, we can only answer that they will fail. Nothing will be able to defeat the will of a people determined to fight and to win.

Today, more than ever, we thank Sinn Féin and all its members, for their permanent expressions of solidarity and support.

We ratify the interest in continuing to strengthen friendly relations between our parties and peoples.

Ever onward to victory!


International Relations Department

Central Committee

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