Message from the United Seychelles Party in support of Cuba on the occasion of the damage caused by Hurricane Ian

Victoria, October 4th._ The president of the United Seychelles Party, Dr. Patrick Herminie, in a message addressed to the heroic Cuban people, expressed his support and solidarity on the occasion of the damages caused by hurricane Ian, after its passage through the western region of the island last week.

We believe in the Cuban´s people determination to bring help to affected and that this new adversity will be faced with courage and unity, he said in the text.

He also expressed his satisfaction that the island has received proposals for donations from several international institutions as well as solidarity messages and unconditional encouragement from governments, parliaments and foreign institutions.

In his message, Dr. Herminie stressed that the difficult situation Cuba is going through after the passage of Ian, is another opportunity to denounce the unjust and criminal blockade of the United States towards Cuba for more than six decades.

(Embacuba Seychelles)

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