The Minister of Health of Ghana thanks Fidel for the solidarity with the Ghanaian people

The Minister of Health of Ghana, Hon. Dr. Alex P. Segbefia welcomed the Cuban Medical Brigade that has arrived in Ghana with the objective to cooperate in the medical assistance to the Ghanaian people.

In the ceremony, with the presence of the Ambassador of Cuba to Ghana, Pedro Luis Despaigne Gonzalez; the Head of the Cuban Medical Brigade, Dr. Ana Lubin and directors of regional hospitals, the Minister expressed his gratitude to the Cuban leader Fidel Castro, for his role in starting the relationship between Cuba and Ghana in the medical field.

The Minister said that in his visit at Cuba he observed the organization of the Cuban Health system. In his words, emphasized that the bilateral cooperation in the health sector has two lines: the Cuban doctors in Ghana, and the Ghanaian students of Medicine in Cuba. At the same time, he remarked that the Cuban doctors would find diseases unknown for them, but at the end they will be more integrals as doctors.

The Minister also thanked the current staff and the former staff of the Cuban Embassy for the support on the arrival of the Medical Brigade.

The Brigade, composed by 22 doctors in Medicine, was received in the Kotoka International Airport on the night of Monday, 17th October, by the Ambassador of Cuba, and the Dr. Hafez Adam Taher, Head of the Cooperation with Cuba at the Ministry of Health of Ghana. 

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