Minister of Health of Nauru receives Cuban Medical Team

Nauru, September 22, 2018.- The Minister of Health and Medical Services of the Republic of Nauru, Honorable Charmaine Scotty, received the members of the Cuban Medical Brigade at the headquarters of their ministry, whom recently began to provide their services in this Small Island State of the Central Pacific.

Minister Scotty, took advantage of the meeting to thank, through the members of the Cuban Team, the government of Cuba for facilitating their presence in Nauru, assuring that they will signifies an unprecedented qualitative health jump for his country.

The Medical Team, which has just begun its work in this sister Micronesia nation, is composed by fifteen doctors of different specialties, among them, Oncology, Nephrology, Psychiatry, Endocrinology, Rehabilitation, Internal Medicine and Angiology, all non-existent in the past in this country.

Nowadays, Cuban specialists are facing the claims of a population about 10 thousand inhabitants, barely accustomed to specialized medical services; However, this scenario must change in next coming months, once a Center for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers, one of the no-communicable diseases of major impact in all Pacific Islands States, been installed in Yaren, the Nauru capital.  

Others eleven doctors from Cuba provide their services in the Region. Two medical team, made by five doctors’ specialties in Kiribati and another six in Vanuatu, complete the Cuban Health Teams in the Small Island States of the Pacific Region.

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