Minister M. Lekhi celebrates Cuban Culture Day in India.

The day of our national culture was celebrated in India with an activity held at the residence of Ambassador Alejandro Simancas, attended by the Minister of State for External Affairs and Culture, Meenakashi Lekhi, as a special guest. During the meeting was presented the book "Brief History of Cuba (from Columbus to the XXI century)", belonging to the publishing house "Captain San Luis" and which was published in India in its English version by Prints Publications Pvt Ltd and with the collaboration of the Federation of Indian Publishers. The book is a brief look at the main events, divided into three historical periods -colonial, neo-colonial and revolutionary-, which attempts to familiarize the reader with the long process of formation of the Cuban nationality. In this regard, Shyaloo Dharma, commercial head of the Publishing Department at Prints Publications Pvt Ltd, said that these associations are a shining example of what can be achieved when nations join forces for a common purpose.

During the meeting, the "Patria Libros" project was also presented, a free access and open source digital library for consulting the works of Jose Marti and other Cuban titles, thanks to the joint effort of the Jose Marti Cultural Society and Eight Goals One Foundation (8one) with the support of Cuban institutions. Ramit Singh Chimni, co-founder of 8one, stressed, among other aspects, that this project is inspired by the ideas of Cuba's National Hero, José Martí, and is a valuable contribution to the rapprochement with the culture of the Caribbean nation.

Minister Meenakashi Lekhi highlighted in her speech the historical similarities in the aspirations for independence between Cuba and India, stressed that Cuba has a rich cultural legacy, which she was able to appreciate during her visit to the island last January and where she enjoyed the hospitality of the Cubans and was received by President Miguel Diaz Canel. She highlighted the potential for cultural cooperation between the two countries and gave as an example the forthcoming arrival in India of a group of Cuban filmmakers who will be prepared on the basis of facilities created by scholarships from the Indian Government. The Minister wished prosperity to the Cuban people in their path of resistance and struggle in the face of economic challenges.

The Cuban Ambassador recalled the important date of the 155th anniversary of the singing of the National Anthem for the first time; and its significance in defense of our cultural wealth and the preservation of the nationality with deep roots in the struggle of the people. He took advantage of the occasion to denounce the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States against Cuba, described as genocide and the main obstacle to the development of the Caribbean nation. On the other hand, the Ambassador thanked the collaboration of the prestigious publishing house Prints Publications Pvt Ltd and its team led by the general manager of printed publications, Pranav Gupta, for making the compilation text in English a reality in India. At the conclusion, he presented Minister Lekhi with the first copy of the book "Brief History of Cuba (from Columbus to the 21st Century)".

The meeting was also attended by several friends of Cuba and representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in India.

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