MONTSAME Director-General meets Cuban Ambassador

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Director-General of MONTSAME B.Ganchimeg met Raul Delgado Concepcion, Ambassador of Cuba to Mongolia on November 23.

At the beginning of the meeting, Ambassador Concepcion emphasized the important role of MONTSAME in promoting Mongolia saying the agency is "a window to Mongolia for the international community". He expressed Cuba's interest in exchanging information with Mongolia through bilateral cooperation between the Cuban state news agency Prensa Latina and MONTSAME.

Director-General B.Ganchimeg said that the two agencies established a cooperation agreement in 1970, expressing MONTSAME's interest in renewing this tradition. The Director-General remarked how Prensa Latina agency is a gateway into Cuba and the Latin America for Mongolia. "I am pleased the two agencies share a common interest. MONTSAME has a rich experience of cooperating with news agencies around the world," she said. She also expressed her confidence that the cooperation between the two news agencies will help strengthen bilateral people-to-people relations and mutual promotion.

Ambassador Concepcion briefed the Director-General of the activities he is engaging in Mongolia. The two countries are working together on importing vaccines and products against diabetes and hepatitis B and C to Mongolia. In scope of the cooperation, delegates of the Cuban Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research Center came to Mongolia and established an agreement. The Ambassador talked about the effectiveness of the vaccines saying, "Cuba successfully eradicated hepatitis B and C with the help of this vaccine. The Heberprot-P has proven 80 percent effective in treating diabetic foot ulcer, and it is the only product in the world with such a promising result."

Mongolia and Cuba cooperate actively in agriculture, education and sports spheres. As of today, 23 Mongolians are studying in the country, 21 of whom are majoring in medical science and the two of whom in industrial engineering and sports. Since the 1960s, 168 Mongolians have studied in the Caribbean nation. Mongolia and Cuba established diplomatic relations in 1960. President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj paid an official visit to Cuba on September 15-18, 2016. (MONTSAME) 



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