The Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) conveys a message of solidarity and condolences to the Cuban people.

Port of Spain, August 8, 2022. The National Executive and the Council of Activists of the Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) in Trinidad and Tobago, observed a minute of silence in a meeting held yesterday to express their solidarity with the Cuban people and the families of the victims affected by the fire that occurred in the industrial zone of Matanzas, on August 5.

The political leader of the MSJ ratified the support, love and solidarity of the Movement to the people of Matanzas and Cuba, recognizing the difficult circumstances in which the incident takes place for our country. He emphasized that these are times when the Government and the people of Cuba face many challenges derived from the illegal and criminal blockade of the United States, which limit the growth capacity of the Cuban economy and its post-Covid 19 recovery.

He reiterated the condemnation of the blockade and demanded its end. He transferred the confidence that the Movement has in the Communist Party, in the President, Miguel Diaz-Canel and in the Cuban people capable of overcoming this difficulty.

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