The Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) extend sincere condolences to the Cuban people, the Cuban Government and the Communist Party of Cuba

2018 May 20.

His Excellency Guillermo Vazquez Moreno

Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba to Trinidad and Tobago

Embassy of the Republic of Cuba

#74 Elm Drive

Bayshore, Westmoorings


Your Excellency,

On behalf of the National Executive, Activist Council and membership of the Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) I extend our very sincere condolences to the Cuban people, the Cuban Government and the Communist Party of Cuba on the occasion of the loss of some 110 lives in the airplane disaster that took place on Friday May 18th in Havana.

The pain caused by the loss of an individual life by an accident is always very difficult for that person’s family, friends and colleagues to bear. When, however, there is a terrible event such as that which happened last Friday when many persons lose their life in one sudden and totally unexpected tragedy, the grief is overwhelming. Indeed, not only do the families, friends, colleagues of those who tragically died feel the pain, an entire nation is plunged into mourning.

There is little that we can say to ease the grief of those who are in mourning, nor can words of comfort and understanding bring back their loved ones. What we can offer is our solidarity – the value of humanity that recognizes that when others are in need we too are in need; that when others are facing injustice, we too are facing injustice; and when others are experiencing a very difficult and painful period in their lives, we too experience that difficult and painful period.

In this spirit of the love for humanity and with our Party’s principle of upholding the values of mutual solidarity, the MSJ sends this message of condolence to the entire Cuban people, the Cuban Government and to our fraternal party, the Communist Party of Cuba. We trust that with the passage of time and in the knowledge that there are many around the world who are in solidarity with them, the pain and grief will be eased. We know that the Cuban people have an indomitable will and spirit and that they will overcome this and any other challenge that they are confronted with.

Yours in Solidarity

Movement for Social Justice

David Abdulah

Political Leader






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