The Movement of Solidarity with Cuba and representatives of the Association of Cubans Resident in Ireland ratify their unwavering defence of the Cuban Revolution.

Dublin, May 20, 2022. On the occasion of the visit to Ireland of Elizabeth Ribalta Rubiera, official of the European Division of the “Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples” (ICAP), members of the solidarity movement and representatives of the Association of Cuban Residents ratified their will to defend the Cuban Revolution against the hostile US policy.

Speaking at the headquarters of the diplomatic mission, the ambassador, Bernardo Guanche Hernández, thanked the support of the supporters and Cubans residing in Ireland. Likewise, he highlighted the important role played by the solidarity movement in the world and ICAP in the consolidation of the revolutionary process. In this sense, he recalled the campaigns for the return of Elián González, the release of the Five Heroes, the fight against the blockade, among other battles waged. He also referred to the day of solidarity with Cuba and against the blockade that takes place from May 18 to 22, in Belgium and other European countries.

For her part, Elizabeth thanked the warm welcome, after almost four years without ICAP visiting the country. He stressed that despite the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, the Movement of Solidarity with Cuba in Ireland maintained its activism, mainly on social networks, where it has also waged an arduous battle against political subversion campaigns against Cuba.

He alluded to the aggressiveness of the US administration's blockade policy, which has had devastating effects, not only on the country's economy, but also on the history and daily life of Cubans.

The occasion was propitious to announce to those present the granting of the “ICAP 60th Anniversary” Seal, to all the members of the Movement of Solidarity with Cuba in Ireland, pointing out that this is the humble recognition of the Institution for its unconditional support, the love and dedication professed.





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