Movement of Solidarity with Cuba in Trinidad and Tobago receives a commemorative seal from the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples.

Port of Spain, July 26th, 2022. Within the framework of the celebrations for July 26th, the commemorative seal "ICAP's 60th Anniversary" was delivered in this capital, exceptionally and for the only occasion, to Clyde Callender, President of the Solidarity Association "Trinidad and Tobago Friends of Cuba", through which the active work of the association in defense of the Cuban Revolution was recognized; contributing to divulge the truth about its political, social and economic transformations, and to narrow and strengthen the friendship between the peoples of the world.

With emotional words of thanks, the President of the Association "Trinidad and Tobago Friends of Cuba, ratified the continuity of the Movement's support for the Cuban Revolution considered as an example to follow for other countries in the world.

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