Namibia and Cuba conclude the V Session of the Joint Working Group.

Namibia and Cuba conclude the V Session of the Joint Working Group.

Namibia, September 9th, 2021- After two days of exchanges, Deborah Rivas, Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment of Cuba, and Hon. Ms. Jenelly Matundu, Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation of Namibia, closed the V Session of the Joint Working Group Cuba - Namibia.

Prior to the closing ceremony, exchanges between the representatives of the cooperation sectors between the two countries continued. In today's deliberations, the entities in charge of the areas of Urban and Rural Development, Sports, Culture, Mines and Energy, Justice and Industrialization and Commerce intervened.

Similarly, the Cuban side reported the characteristics of the Cuban Foreign Investment One Stop Shop and the Cuban Foreign Investment Portfolio.

In their closing speeches, the Vice Ministers expressed the will of their respective governments to continue strengthening bilateral cooperation and trade ties. Both agreed on the excellent state of the historic ties of brotherhood that unite Cuba and Namibia. They also described the meeting as successful.

As on the previous day, the talks were led by Sergio Espinosa, Director of Trade Policy for Africa and the Middle East of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Trade, and Ambassador Sabine Böhlke-Möller, Director General of Bilateral Affairs of the Namibian Foreign Ministry.

Also participating were Sidenio Acosta, Ambassador of Cuba to Namibia, and H.E. Mr. Samuel / Goagoseb, Ambassador of Namibia in Cuba, Ambassador Penda Naanda, Executive Director of the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation and other officials of the respective Foreign Ministries and Embassies.

Namibia and Cuba agreed to meet in Havana in 2023, to hold the VI Session of this cooperation checking mechanism.

Finally, the Minutes of this official appointment were signed in unison in both capitals by the Deputy Ministers and the respective Ambassadors.

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