National Rebellion Day is commemorated in Australia

Canberra, July 26, 2020. The Cuban Embassy in Australia commemorated on the eve the anniversary of July 26 in the city of Canberra along with a representation of the Australia-Cuba Friendship Society.

The Cuban ambassador, Ariel Lorenzo Rodríguez, recalled the significance of such an important date in the country's history which has become a symbol of faith in victory for all Cubans by making Fidel the undisputed leader of the revolutionary process that conquered the definitive independence of Cuba on January 1, 1959.

He also took the opportunity to thank friends of Cuba in Australia for the fundraising campaign carried out in order to support the island in the purchase of medical supplies to confront the pandemic, as well as for their constant support in social networks favouring the nomination of the Henry Reeve Brigade for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Many other activities and initiatives were carried out by ACFS members to commemorate July 26 and send a message of love and admiration to the Cuban people and their Revolution in other cities around the country like Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne.

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