The National Scientific Day of the Cuban Medical Brigade in Trinidad and Tobago concluded.

Port of Spain, December 4, 2023. The Cuban Medical Brigade together with the diplomatic mission in Trinidad and Tobago closed the 18th National Scientific Day yesterday, December 3, an event that coincided with Latin American Medicine Day, a date of great importance historical, supportive and humanist for our country.

The closing words were given by the Ambassador of Cuba, Tania Diego Olite, who recognized the work currently carried out by Cuban collaborators in Trinidad and Tobago and wished success to the participants in the day.

28 works were presented, of which 7 were awarded, 11 works were defended before the Oral Presentation commission and 17 before the Posters commission. The topics discussed were the result of the daily work carried out by our army of white coats in the areas of comprehensive nursing care for newborns; to critical patients, in emergency services; attention to the most common diseases in older adults; the action protocols for different pathologies and specialties that impact the Trinidadian population; the characterization, epidemiological and care in patients positive for Covid-19; among others.

The proposed objectives and results achieved in the development of the event demonstrated the words of our historical leader Fidel when he expressed: "The future of our country must necessarily be a future of men of science, it has to be a future of men of thought, because It is precisely what we are sowing the most."

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