NEMO Movement condemns US blockade against Cuba

New York, 21 November 2022. The Global Anti-Blockade Movement (NEMO) condemned the impact of the U.S. blockade against Cuba at a forum attended by Connecticut congressmen and consular representatives from Latin America and the Caribbean.

José Oro, NEMO´s member of board of directors, expressed his condemnation of the coercive measures imposed on Cuba for over 60 years in order to stifle Cuba’s economy, bringing about despair and overthrowing its government.

Oro, a Cuban resident in the United States, condemned the extraterritorial impact of Washington’s economic, commercial and financial blockade, targeting Cuba´s strategic development lines and causing serious damage to its people.

The Cuban-American activist recalled that during the Barack Obama administration (2009-2017), diplomatic relations with Havana were restored in 2015, a process that included the opening of embassies in both countries and the removal of Cuba from the unilateral List of State Sponsors of Terrorism.

Likewise, regular flights and postal services were re-established after decades of suspension, and travel restrictions on U.S. citizens ceased, he said.

As he reminded legislators, over 50 of Trump’s provisions were implemented during the Covid-19 pandemic, and even so Cuba faced its health emergency much more efficiently than nations boasting off greater technological capabilities and wealth.

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