New Canada-Cuba Parliamentary Friendship Group created.

Ottawa, October 6, 2022. In the meeting organized by the Honorable Senator Pierrette Ringuette, vice president of that chamber of the Canadian legislative body, the new Canada-Cuba Interparliamentary Group was established.

The Cuban ambassador to the northern nation, Héctor Igarza thanked Senator Ringuette for her friendship, commitment and her contribution during 16 years as co-chair of the Parliamentary Group in promoting relations between both countries. He also congratulated the Honorable Senator Nancy J. Hartling and MP Gabriel Ste-Marie for their election as new co-chairs of the Parliamentary Group.

The Ambassador of Cuba exchanged with the Canadian legislators on the friendship and diplomatic ties between both peoples; the current economic situation in Cuba, propitiated mainly by the US blockade against the island, which constitutes the main obstacle to its development, even in humanitarian situations such as the current recovery from the ravages of Hurricane Ian. The Ambassador recalled as well the victims of the terrorist act committed against the Cubana de Aviación flight on October 6, 1976, an example of the systematic aggression against the Cuban people.

According to its by-law, The Canada-Cuba Interparliamentary Group shall promote exchanges between Cuban and Canadian parliamentarians propose initiatives likely to lead to a better mutual understanding of national and international problems and work to develop co-operation between the two countries in all the fields of human activity.

In the past, fruitful exchanges have taken place between members of both parliaments, Canadian legislators have visited the island to discuss different topics of interest. Parliamentarians from different parties have also presented motions and petitions in the House of Commons to support and protect Canadian businessmen doing business with Cuba against the US blockade laws. Canada is one of the countries that has a Foreign Extraterritorial Measures Act, for that purpose.

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