A new group of Cuban health collaborators arrived in Bisha

New group of 26 Cuban collaborators arrived in Bisha, Saudi Arabia

A first group of Cuban doctors and nurses arrived in Bisha, a mountainous area of the West of Saudi Arabia, on November 29th, 2020. Their arrival had been delayed due to the inconvenient conditions in the international travel after the Covid-19 pandemic.

After the long air trip Havana-Paris-Riyadh-Bisha, the group of 26 Cuban health professionals was welcomed in the local airport by Mr. Saleh Al-Ghamdi, Nursing Provincial Director, who on behalf of the local health authorities offered a cordial welcoming and delivered a token and a flower as expression of gratitude before assuming this new professional challenge as part of the expansion of the Executive Program of Cooperation between the two Health ministries of Cuba and Saudi Arabia.

Other three similar groups are expected in the next weeks, which are also expected to join the medical staff in different health facilities in Bisha province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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