New Lebanese Chancellor receives Cuban Ambassador

Beirut, October 21, 2021. The new Lebanese Foreign Minister, Abdallah Bou Habib, received this morning, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Cuban Ambassador Alexander Pellicer Moraga, with whom he exchanged on issues of bilateral interest.

The Cuban Ambassador congratulated the Chancellor on his appointment and wished him success in his mission. 

During the meeting, both parties ratified the will to continue developing and strengthening the historical ties of friendship between both nations.

The diplomat of the Greater Antilles highlighted the positive state of political and diplomatic relations, and the existing potentialities to increase economic cooperation, particularly in sectors such as health, medicine production and tourism. Pellicer Moraga took advantage of the occasion to express his gratitude for Lebanon's historic support for the Cuban Resolution against the blockade and to explain that the blockade has intensified in recent years, despite the demands of the international community for its lifting.

For his part, the new Chancellor expressed his understanding of the suffering caused by the economic sanctions against Cuba, because at this time Lebanon is also a victim of them and it is painful to see the economic and financial difficulties that the Lebanese people are facing today.  Bou Habib reaffirmed his country's position of support for Cuba against the blockade and highlighted the high coincidence of views between the two countries on the main issues of the international agenda. (Embacuba Líbano)


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