New measures to be implemented in Cuba taking into account the increase in the incidence of COVID-19 associated with international travelers

Czech Republic, January 15th, 2021. It has been decided to establish as a mandatory requirement for the entry to Cuba of all international travelers, the performance of a PCR test with a negative result for COVID-19, 72 hours before the start of the trip. This measure will take effect from January 10, 2021.

Upon arrival in Cuba, the currently established health protocols will continue to be implemented; which include carrying out a new PCR test at the border and, in the case of international travelers who do not arrive as tourists, another PCR test five days after their arrival.

Accommodation capacities will be ensured for Cuban travelers residing in the country, who do not have conditions in their home or in that of their relatives to comply with home isolation.

Likewise, the capacities for isolation in hotels destined for this purpose will be guaranteed for Cuban travelers residing abroad or others, who decide to carry out their isolation in these facilities, assuming the payment of this service.

As part of the confrontation with this Pandemic, and having as a fundamental premise the duty to guarantee the health of our population and the international travelers who visit us, the Cuban Health authorities will continue to rigorously apply the established sanitary protocols, while maintaining a systematic and detailed monitoring of the incidence of imported cases in the transmission of the disease (Cubaminrex-EmbaCuba República Checa).

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