New President and the Council of state have been elected in Cuba.

The electronic engineer Miguel Díaz Canel Bermudez has been elected as President and in that capacity he will preside over the Councils of State and Ministers, with Salvador Valdés Mesa as First Vice President and 5 other Vice Presidents, among which 3 are women. These are: Ramiro Valdés Menéndez (Commander of the Revolution); Gladys Bejerano Portela (Comptroller General); Dr Roberto Morales Ojeda (Minister of Public Health); Inés M. Chapman Waugh (President of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources); Beatriz Johnson Urrutia (President of the People's Power in Santiago de Cuba). Homero Acosta was re-elected as Secretary of the Council of State. Of the 31 members nominated to form the Council of State, 16 are women (48%), 45% are blacks and mestizos, 13 are elected for the first time (35%), with an average age of 54 years (77%) they are born after the triumph of the Revolution in 1959. Among them it is a broad social and popular representation, beginning by the fact that the First Vice-President of the Republic was the General Secretary of the Cuban Workers` Central Union, and its membership includes scientists, academics, athletes, youth leaders, military personnel, industrial and services workers, as well as the leaders of the five major national social and mass organisations.


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