New Zealand express solidarity with Cuba

Blackball – On the occasion of events held in this city to commemorate International Workers Day, friends of Cuba expressed their solidarity with the Island and their condemnation of the economic and commercial blockade of the United States.

As every year, the Ambassador of Cuba in New Zealand, Mario Alzugaray, took part in a seminar organized by activist Paul Maunder in the city of Blackball, birthplace of the Labor Party in this country.

This year the event was dedicated to climate change and the challenges that the economic transformation in the West Coast region presents for the local working class.

The Cuban diplomat was invited to participate together with the Minister of Climate Change, James Shaw, in a panel on the subject of reference, which was chaired by the member of parliament for that region and Minister of Agriculture, Damien O'Connor. Additionally, a presentation was made on the situation in Latin America and the need to face the imperialist threat.

The attendees acknowledged the Cuban ambassador for his words, highlighting the importance of having a perspective usually not found in mainstream media controlled by big corporations. (Embacuba NZ)

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