New Zealand Government confirms opposition to Blockade

The following is press release by the Cuba Friendship Society in Aotearoa New Zealand, regarding an exchange with Vice-premier and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Winston Peters, after the escalation on the economic war of the US against Cuba.

Cuba has the right to preserve its sovereignty and independence

Foreign Minister Winston Peters has reaffirmed the New Zealand government’s opposition to the illegal blockade of Cuba.

Minister Peters in replying to Jen Olsen, Coordinator of the Dunedin Branch NZ CFS, noted that New Zealand had consistently opposed the embargo against Cuba at the U.N and would welcome ‘all steps towards normalisation, including lifting the embargo”.

Jen had contacted Peters seeking the Governments endorsement of a Declaration Rejecting the Escalation of the U.S. Economic War against Cuba. 

Initiated by the South Island Friendship Societies the declaration has now been endorsed by the CFS groups.  

Also offering support have been several other groups and individuals including former MP Matt Robson, Prof Jane Kelsey and Robert Reid President, FIRST Union. Palestinian solidarity group Tauranga Moana 4 Palestine noted that Cuba has as always supported the Palestine struggle and reciprocity at this time was more than appropriate. 

Others supporting the opposition to the embargo on include WISSE and the Alliance.

Leima Martínez Freire, Director Asia Pacific Desk at Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP),  in acknowledging the support from Aotearoa noted that “actions to demand the ending of the interventionist policies that US is trying to impose are the best example that Cuba is not isolated”. Cuba, she said, has the right to preserve its sovereignty and independence.

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