Nigeria in tribute to Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz


NIGERIA, November 29, 2017. In Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, tribute was paid to the Historical Leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, on the occasion of the first anniversary of his physical disappearance.

The event was chaired by the Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Obonnaya Onu and the Ambassador of Cuba in Nigeria, Carlos Trejo Sosa. It was developed in the theater of the Nigeria Labor Congress (NLC) and was organized by the Cuban Mission in coordination with the Movement of Solidarity with our country with section in Abuja.

The activity was marked by various messages of solidarity where the ideological leadership of the Commander in Chief and his influence in Latin America, Asia and Africa was recognized.

Those present alluded, in their interventions, to the signs of internationalism inherited by Fidel as part of his legacy and its impact in various regions of the world. Mention was made of the support given at the military level to the Republic of Angola, the liberation of the African peoples and the dismantling of apartheid; as well as the medical assistance of Cuban collaborators in difficult circumstances, such as Ebola.

As a conclusion to the activity, the members of the Movement of Solidarity with Cuba (Abuja Section) read a Declaration where they reaffirmed their support for the ideas of the Commander in Chief and the principles of the Cuban Revolution.

Also present were the president of the Trade Union Congress, Bobboi Bala Kaigama; the secretary general of the NLC, Peter Ozo-Eson; the Chief of the Osun State Office in Abuja, as well as the Ambassadors of Jamaica, Ecuador, Namibia, Angola, Palestine, Iran, Mexico and the Charge d'Affaires of Brazil and Venezuela.


(Embassy of Cuba in Nigeria)