Nigerian trade union leaders denounce the US blockade against Cuba during the Act for the International Workers' Day.

Nigeria, May 1st, 2022.- The Cuban ambassador to this country, Clara M. Pulido Escandell, was invited to participate in the celebrations for International Workers' Day on May 1. Event organized by the Nigerian trade union movement - the Nigerian Labor Congress and the Trade Union Congress - in Abuja's Eagle Square.

In the central words of the main union leaders, Ajuba Waba, President of the NLC, and Quadri Olaleye, President of the TUC, ratified the solidarity of the Nigerian union movement with Cuba and condemned the genocidal blockade maintained by the United States against Cuba. At the same time, they reiterated their recognition of Cuba's contribution in the fight against covid-19 and the right of the Cuban people to choose their own destiny.

At the same time, at the headquarters of the Cuban embassy in Abuja, the group of the diplomatic mission joined the celebration of such an important day for all workers, where the commitment to continue with our Revolution, dignified, altruistic and paradigmatic, in the spirit of Cuban diplomacy, grateful for the legacy of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, attached to the ideals of socialism, solidarity, brotherhood among peoples, social justice and the right to self-determination.

The collective also advocated for voices to multiply demanding the end of the genocidal blockade against our people, intensified even more in times of covid-19, with the sole purpose of suffocating Cuba and its people in Revolution.

(Embassy of Cuba in Nigeria)

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