Nigerian younger is eternally grateful for having studied in Cuba.

Nigeria, May 20th, 2023.- Counselor Pavel Bauzá Fusté, Chargé d'Affaires a. i. of the Cuban Embassy in Nigeria, received Dr. Adie Pactrick, a Nigerian medical graduate in Cuba, at the Cuban Embassy in Abuja.

During the meeting, both referred to the deep and historical relations of friendship that the peoples of both nations have maintained. He reiterated his gratitude for having had the opportunity to study in Cuba and learn about the realities of the Cuban people. In this sense, he highlighted how unfeasible the continuation of the blockade maintained by the US administration against the Island proves to be, a policy repeatedly rejected at the United Nations and particularly from Nigeria.

Nigerians graduated in Cuba are a big group of young people who studied on the Caribbean island in different periods and in dissimilar disciplines, including medicine, information technology, agriculture, veterinary medicine, physical culture, among others. Many Africans are still studying in Cuba, but the effects of the Yankee blockade have caused less than the solvency of before. This situation and knowing the Cuban reality, the love for Cuba have caused different groups of graduates in Cuba to raise their voices against the genocidal policy of the US government.

The Cuban diplomat, for his part, also talk about element of the extraterritorial nature of the blockade and the perfidious tools and methods used by the United States government to pressure a change of destination in their homeland, among which he highlighted putting Cuba on lists of the State Department, like that of countries that sponsor terrorism, with the aim of increasing sanctions and suffocating the Cuban people.

The meeting was held in an atmosphere of friendship and solidarity, where the Cuban diplomat thanked the visit and the unconditional support for Cuba of this extraordinary group of graduates.

(Embassy of Cuba in Nigeria)

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