On the occasion of the "Day of Africa", the Cuban Embassy in Liberia pays tribute to José Martí.

Monrovia, May 19, 2021 - 126 years after the fall in combat of the National Hero José Martí, the collective of the Cuban Embassy in Liberia, on the day of "Africa Day", joins the tribute of the Cuban people to the apostle.

The collective of the diplomatic mission recalled the anti-racist and anti-slavery thought of José Martí.

The treatment offered to the African land exposed in his works are aspects that are interesting, current and emotive, from the features that identify the men of this immense continent, from dissimilar angles and different allusions.

With the disappearance of the organizer of the Necessary War, it was believed that the Revolution also died, but his ideas and his example are still valid.

Martí fought for just causes, those that make people great. His anti-imperialist thought is a core aspect of his legacy and of great relevance today. Marti's ideology and his example continue to guide Cubans in their battles for full justice and freedom.


Embacuba Liberia.

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