On the occasion of Fidel's 95th birthday, a new mural in Belfast dedicated to Cuba.

On the occasion of Fidel's 95th birthday, a new mural in Belfast dedicated to Cuba.

Dublin, August 13, 2021. Today, when we commemorate the 95th anniversary of the birth of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, has been expressly chosen to unveil a new mural in the city of Belfast, dedicated to the Cuban Revolution.

This new image recalls the gigantic Cuban flag that was raised last June on one of the hills that guard the city and also in giant letters the clamor to end the criminal blockade against the Cuban people.

The action has a special meaning at a time when the Cuban Socialist Revolution is attacked by a fierce campaign of slander and shameful falsehoods, which even seek to ignore the crime of 60 years of blockade and the severe impact on the Cuban people in their daily lives, aggravated with perverse fury in times of pandemic.

The words of appreciation and gratitude expressed last June by our president Miguel Díaz-Canel, also included in the mural, as an expression of the gratitude of all Cubans.

The image of Commander Che Guevara with his firm gaze and frank smile are a confirmation of the validity of internationalism and anti-imperialism in our times.

The speakers at the ceremony representing the various solidarity organizations recalled with moving words the revolutionary work of Fidel, the validity of his ideas, his firm anti-imperialism and his permanent solidarity with the struggle of the peoples for a more just world.

This was also an occasion of reaffirmation of solidarity towards Cuba and of confidence in the ability of the Cuban people together with their leadership to overcome the challenges of the pandemic, economic difficulties and aggressions and attempts at destabilization promoted by the government of the United States and other vile accomplices

Fidel is with us today and will be with us forever with his eternal legacy and his unshakable faith in victory.

Thank you Irish friends for this beautiful tribute.


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