Official Gazette of the Republic of Cuba published Resolution 19/2023 of the MININT on the National List of people and entities that have been subjected to criminal investigations

The Official Gazette of 7/12 - Resolution 19/2023 of the Ministry of the Interior, referring to the National List of people and entities that have been subjected to criminal investigations and are wanted by the Cuban authorities, was published with date December 7th.

These people were related based on their involvement in the promotion, planning, organization, financing, support or commission of acts carried out in the national territory or in other countries. The regulatory provision includes perpetrators of terrorist acts against Cuba from 1999 to the present.

The Official Gazette reflects the open legal cases that correspond to attacks against hotels and other tourist centers in Havana, infiltration along the coast to carry out violent actions, attacks against the President of the Republic and other public officials, as well as the promotion of military maneuvers against the Greater Antilles. The list also indicates those responsible for inciting, organizing and financing actions that affect the social order in Cuba, through violent acts against public officials and the normal functioning of entities. Some of the terrorists cited in the publication are Santiago Álvarez Fernández Magriñá, Ramón Saúl Sánchez Rizo, Ana Olema Hernández, William Cabrera González, Michel Naranjo Riverón and Eduardo Arias León. Also on the list are Yamila Betancourt García, Alexander Otaola Casal, Orlando Gutiérrez Boronat , Eliecer Ávila, Liudmila Santiesteban Cruz, Manuel Milanés Pizonero, Alain Lambert Sánchez (Cuban Paparazzi) and Jorge Ramón Batista Calero (Ultrack).

Finally, their participation in sabotage and other punishable actions is highlighted, through the recruitment of people in the digital space. The appearance in the document of Alexander Alazo Baró, subject of Investigative File 27/2020, initiated by the attack with a firearm on the Cuban embassy in the United States, stands out. The legal foundations of the measure are found in Resolution 1373 of the Security Council of the United Nations, relating to the prevention and confrontation of terrorism and its financing; the Cuban Penal Code; as well as Decree-Law 317 of the Council of State and Resolution 16 of the Minister of the Interior, for the detection and confrontation of money laundering, financing of terrorism, the proliferation of weapons and the movement of illicit capital.

(Cubaminrex – Official Gazette)

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