Official of the Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) visits Trinidad and Tobago.

Port of Spain, April 18, 2018. - In the framework of the excellent bonds of friendship between the peoples of Cuba and Trinidad and Tobago, the official of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), Tania Parra Fonseca, paid a visit to this Caribbean country, in which she carried out an intense exchange program, organized by the solidarity movement "Friends of Cuba in Trinidad and Tobago.

One of the main objectives Tania's visit had was to transfer to the Movement of Solidarity with Cuba in Trinidad and Tobago, as well as to friends of different social movements and progressive political parties of Trinidad, an update of the main priorities of the ICAP and the Solidarity Movement World with Cuba, among which the international struggle for the lifting of the unjust blockade suffered by the Cuban people, the demand for the return to Cuba of the illegally occupied territory of Guantánamo by the US, the defense of the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela and the governments progressives in the region against the media political campaign to which it is subjected by its ideological enemies.

In her exchanges, Tania had the opportunity to answer several questions from the Trinidadian friends about the socio-political life of the largest Antillean Island, emphasizing its challenges and achievements.

During the meeting with their hosts, Tania and "Friends of Cuba in Trinidad and Tobago" (ACTT), they exchanged about the need to increase cooperation and coordination between both parties, as well as the participation of ACTT in the various international solidarity brigades that receive the ICAP during the year. It was also agreed to work to achieve more actively in the organization of cultural-sports activities that contribute to increase the knowledge between both peoples and strengthen the movement of solidarity with Cuba.

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