Official photo of the twenty second of the ACS Ministerial Meeting

Official Photo of the Twenty Second ACS Ministerial Meeting

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CUBA, March 10, 2017 .- The official photo of the twenty second Ordinary Meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS), held in Cuba, was taken in front of the famous ‘El carro de la Revolución’ Mural located on the first floor of the Habana Libre Tryp hotel, in the populated Havana’s Vedado neighborhood.

The emblematic work is allegorical to the Cuban Revolution it is composed of 555 hand-made independent pottery parts and then assembled in 1973 in its current location. Its author, the outstanding painter and ceramist Alfredo Sosabravo is one of the 20th century Cuban art avant-garde artists, and he is a National Plastic Arts Prizewinner.

The twenty second Association of Caribbean States Ordinary Meeting of the Council of Ministers, inaugurated in the presence of Cuba’s President Raúl Castro Ruz, has confirmed the steady process of strengthening and dynamism the ACS has been displaying, especially after the 7th Summit, held in June 2016 in Havana, as a space for concerted actions, cooperation and peace for the region. (Cubaminrex)


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