ÖKG, the Austria-Cuba Friendship Association sends a second donation to Cuba in solidarity for the damages caused by hurricane Irma

The Austria-Cuba Friendship Association (ÖKG by its German initials) sent a second donation to Cuba amounting EUR 20 000, in solidarity for the damages caused after Hurricane Irma hit the Caribbean country from 7 – 10 September.

This new transfer joins the one which was executed on 20 September amounting EUR 10 000, thus, this organization has contributed EUR 30 000 to Cuba´s recovery after the meteorological phenomenon struck affecting 11 of the 14 Cuban provinces; around 160 thousand homes were damaged, there were serious harms in the domestic electrical system, communication, road, agriculture, tourism sectors, among others.

The donation is the result of the immediate and broad fund-raising campaign led by ÖKG not only in its membership but also in other organizations and people that offered their support for Cuba via this timely mobilization.

The Cuban Ambassador in Austria, H.E Mr. Juan Antonio Fernández Palacios thanked ÖKG directors and all donors for the solidary gesture.

ÖKG is the oldest and most active solidarity organization with Cuba in Austria being established in 1969. It has more than 600 members in its regional branches in Vienna, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Carinthia, Salzburg, Graz, and Tyrol. At present, it is presided by Jessica Müller.

Other actions aiming at collecting funds for Cuba has been carried out in Austria. It can be highlighted: the solidarity party organized by “CubaVa”, the Association of Cuban Residents in Austria which contributed EUR 3 000, the public activity of the Austria´s communist young people and students gathered in KJÖ and KSV, as well as Cuban artists´ concerts and other cultural and gastronomic activities.

Furthermore, a broad call solidarity party is organized among businessmen friends of Cuba.

(Embacuba Austria)