Once again: Thank you, Cuba!

Published in Granma


After defeating COVID-19 with the decisive help of medical personnel at Holguin’s Fermín Valdés Domínguez Hospital, Canadian Michael Glafhestea is going home

HOLGUÍN: "Thank you, Cuba," Canadian Michael Glafhestea shouted leaving the city’s Fermín Valdés Domínguez Hospital, discharged after beating COVID-19. His voice broke as he turned toward the ambulance taking him to Frank País García International Airport, where a plane was waiting to take him home.

Earlier, while waiting for formalities to be completed, he contacted the press, conveying with a few words in Spanish that he wanted to express his gratitude for the care he had received from the hospital’s staff.

His was the first confirmed case of the new coronavirus in Holguin. Michael was on vacation at the Rio de Oro Hotel, when his symptoms were detected. He was immediately taken to the Fermín Valdés Domínguez Hospital, where a fully-prepared medical team, with necessary medicine and equipment on hand, fought for his life.

Departing for his homeland, he carried with him all medications needed to complete his treatment, in accordance with the protocol for these cases established by the Cuban Medical Association. A group of doctors and staff members bid him farewell with applause. A few days earlier, they had received a patient; now a friend was leaving.

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