Opening in Indonesia first two "Terrazas Habanos"

Jakarta, September 28- Honoring the celebrations of Cohiba's 55th Anniversary, were opened in Indonesia the first two "Terrazas Habanos" in two of the most charming hotels on the island of Bali: The Grand Hyatt Bali and Kempinski Bali.

Hand in hand with the Indonesian company "PT Tembakau Internasional" and the exclusive distributor of Cuban tobacco in the Asia Pacific region, "The Pacific Cigar Company Limited" both celebrations, full of exclusivity and passion took place, where how could it be otherwise way, the great protagonist of the meeting was the Habano.

Both “Terrazas Habanos”, located in the aforementioned hotels in Bali, offered the possibility for around 60 guests to enjoy their inauguration with a magnificent pairing between Habanos, rums, whiskeys, Mojitos and high-quality wines.

The concept of Terraza Habanos is oriented towards the conservation, sale and enjoyment of a unique experience with the authentic Habano.

From now on, in both sites, Habano lovers will have the opportunity to enjoy the authentic Cuban Tobacco, which in addition to luxury and exclusivity, is synonymous of the work and effort of Cuban generations that have managed to make this product the most recognized worldwide.

The reputation of Cuban cigars dates back to the 1600s and has endured through a combination of geography and skills.

Tobacco takes on flavors from the soil in which it is grown, so only Cuban tobacco will taste like Cuban tobacco.
Embassy of Cuba in Indonesia.

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