Our José Martí on his 169th anniversary

Today marks the 169th anniversary of the birth of our National Hero, José Martí, the man who not only fought for the independence of Cuba, but also of Latin America, understanding the need to prevent the United States from spreading through our lands of America, claims conceived since 1823 by the Monroe Doctrine.

The libertarian, generous and humanistic spirit of José Martí presides over the struggle of the peoples of Latin America, projecting itself today to achieve their liberation, respect for their rights, equality, democracy, justice and full life for all human beings.

The legacy of José Martí still has a lot to do for the independence of the peoples. We have to take from his extensive work the necessary foundations to face the challenges of today's world.

The Cuban people are inspired by the legacies of men like José Martí and Fidel Castro to defend the very existence of the Cuban Revolution and continue promoting Latin American unity in various ways and in possible scenarios.

Martí foresaw in the unfinished letter to his friend Manuel Mercada that a free Cuba was vital for the future of the countries of the American South when he said: “I am already in danger every day of giving my life for my country, and because of my duty to prevent in time with the independence of Cuba that the United States spread over the Antilles and fall, with even more force, on our lands in America.”

It is demonstrated that Cuba represents the idea of ​​Latin American integration, which places justice as its highest value; this is the most energetic and correct response with which we can confront the fragmentation that imperialism is generating today in Latin America and that it is also trying to generate in Cuba. With our fidelity to the heroes of the country, and unity as a shield, we will defeat any enemy no matter how great it may be.

(With information from Jorge Luis Lora Moran, from https://www.radiogritodebaire.cu/)

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