Padura in Finland on the occasion of Ceisal 2022


Helsinki, June 16, 2022.- On the occasion of the Ceisal 2022 Congress, the National Prize for Literature, Leonardo Padura, visited the city of Helsinki, at which time our Embassy accompanied part of his activities and had the opportunity to talk with him.

During the reception at our headquarters of the creator of Mario Conde, and Lucía López, renowned writer and wife of the author, Ambassador Beatriz Parra González learned about the publishing projects that will soon bring to Finland his most renowned works, already in the editing process.

For its part, the Finland-Cuba Association organized a cultural meeting for the visit of Padura, which included the music of Silvio Rodríguez in Finnish and the sponsorship of close friends of Cuba in Helsinki, in which the Head of Cuban Mission was specially invited.


(Embacuba Finlandia)

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