Palestinian Ambassador visits her Cuban counterpart in Grenada.

St George, May 6. The non-resident Ambassador of the State of Palestine  for the Caribbean Dr. Linda Sobeh, and the Head of the Palestinian International Cooperation Agency (PICA) Ambassador Imad Alzuhairi, paid a courtesy visit to the Ambassador of Cuba in Grenada, Ivette Martínez Leyva accompanied by Conselhor Alexander Quintana. In an atmosphere of frank brotherhood, the Cuban diplomat expressed her country's total and unrestricted support for the Palestinian cause and commented on the statements of its leaders demanding an end to the genocide in Gaza, as well as the recent activities in support of American students and others in the world who embrace the cause and who are recriminated and mistreated.
For her part, the Palestinian Ambassador thanked Cuba for its historic support and said that her tour of the Caribbean had the intention of bringing the reality that her people are suffering, the true genocide and extermination that Israel commits in the Gaza Strip. She added  with satisfaction, that after her visits,  the governments of Barbados and Jamaica recognized the state of Palestine and advocated for the end of the war.
The Palestinian diplomats were received in Grenada by the Governor General Dame Cecile La Grenade, the Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell and the Foreign Minister Joseph Andall, in fraternal and solidarity meetings regarding the situation in Gaza. Grenada has long supported a two-state agreement for Palestine and Israel, and the self-determination and protection of the Palestinian people, and since 2011 has officially recognized the State of Israel.

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