Pastors for Peace in Toronto "Building bridges, Tearing down walls".

Toronto July 19th, 2018 Associations of Solidarity with Cuba in Toronto held a meeting at College Street United Church with Father Luis Barrios, Board President of IFCO/ Pastors for Peace.

The Consul Ingrid Izquierdo Sterling, thanked to Pastors for peace for the strong support and solidarity with the Cuban people trough all these years. The Cuban representative stressed that Cubans will never forget those images transmitted worldwide showing Pastors of Peace, led by Lucius Walker confronting heavily armed troops at the border with Mexico. The Consul also thanked on behalf of the Cuban people, to Canadian solidarity movement for your continued work in favor of Cuba.

Elizabeth Hill, president of the Canadian Cuban Friendship Association-Toronto expressed her gratitude the presence of the Father and she spoke about severe damaged caused by the US blockade to the people of the Island.

Father Barrios in his speech referred that solidarity is not a way to think, it is a way of doing. The Father clarified the difference between Embargo and Blockade and he explained obstacles they have faced in their challenge to keep their support.

During the meeting Fred Roy was remembered, who was a great friend and supporter of the people of Cuba.

The event well also attended by Gail Walker, Executive Director IFCO and Jim Hodgson, Latin American program coordinator United Church of Canada who denounced  the strengthening of the blockade.

The event is a fundraiser for the IFCO / Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba which has been taking US citizens and humanitarian aid to Cuba since 1992 without a US government license.

Consulate General of Cuba in Toronto