Permanent Representative of Cuba to the UN, Anayansi Rodríguez Camejo, denounces new anti-Cuban action

Permanent Representative of Cuba to the UN, Anayansi Rodríguez Camejo, denounces new anti-Cuban action

Today, Tuesday, 16 October 2018, the United States of America has once again sullied the name of the United Nations.

The United States, in another action of contempt for human rights and this Organization, has preferred to create absurd lies about Cuba rather than recognize and promote a campaign to redress its multiple human rights violations, both in its territory and in the rest of the world.

With this action, which included the use of the ECOSOC Chamber and the United Nations WebCast, the name and emblem of the Organization was used in an act against a Member State, on the pretense of international support for its fallacious campaign. All of this contravenes the principles and purposes of the Charter.

It is clear the intention of the United States Government to sustain, with all available resources and without the slightest moral objection, the unilateral policy of economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed against Cuba and universally repudiated by the United Nations General Assembly for its criminal and genocidal nature, and therefore, in violation of international law.

This event is a new chapter in the long list of aggressions against Cuba. It is part of the actions aimed at subverting the legitimately established constitutional order and of the interventionist agenda that has gained renewed momentum under the current Administration, whose fascist, racist and xenophobic ideas are a matter of grave concern in the international community.

Cuba has warned about and denounced this situation by means of a letter of protest to the Secretary-General, requesting the cancellation of this farce of the United States Government within the United Nations premises. We are supported on the Charter of the United Nations and the existing rules concerning the use of conference rooms, approved by this Organization.

The event, as we had foreseen, was a political comedy staged on false arguments and with supporting actors of a dark history at the service of a foreign power, many of them paid by Washington, including the Secretary-General of the puppet Organization of American States.

The sponsors of the alleged campaign were not willing to listen to Cuba's truth. They even tried to prevent Cuban diplomatic officials from entering the room. What happened is the total and absolute responsibility of the United States.

Cuba's voice was heard despite everything. They could not give us valid arguments, they did not have them. The truth is on our side. 

Cuba is proud of its human rights record, which denies any manipulation against it. The United States lacks the morals to give lessons, and much less in this matter. That country, with its poor adherence to international human rights instruments, has a pattern of systematic violations of all human rights, including the use of torture, detention and arbitrary deprivation of liberty, as is the case of the Guantánamo Naval Base, an illegally occupied Cuban territory; the murder of African-Americans by police officers; the death of innocent civilians by their intervention and occupation forces; xenophobia and repression; the imprisonment of immigrants, including children who are separated from their families. The latter, the imprisonment of children, would have rightly justified the name "Jailed for What?.

Cuba condemns and rejects in the strongest possible terms this new anti-Cuban action by the United States Government, which constitutes an affront to the sovereignty of the Cuban people and disrespect for their self-determination. This is an attack not only on a sovereign State, but also on the principles of multilateralism and the foundational bases of the United Nations.

Permanent Mission of Cuba to the United Nations.