Petition to the Parliament of Canada (e-3640), to end the U.S. blockade of Cuba.

Ottawa, November 3, 2021- On October 29th, a petition (e-3640) was launched in the Canadian Parliament, whose main objectives are to urge the Government of Canada to request the U.S. to end economic sanctions against Cuba, to cease campaigns of subversion, hostility and aggression against the Caribbean country and to remove Cuba from the list of State Sponsors of Terrorism arbitrarily drawn up by the U.S. Department of State. The petition also calls on the Canadian government to take immediate measures and actions to preserve Canada's sovereignty by ensuring that Canadian companies and other entities do not participate in U.S. economic sanctions against Cuba through, among other things, the application of the Foreign Extraterritorial Measures Act (FEMA). Finally, the petition in Parliament urges the Canadian government to ensure that bilateral relations are based on equality and respect for the sovereignty, independence and right to self-determination of peoples.

The support shown by Canadian citizens only 6 days after the official registration of the initiative presented by Isaac Saney (representing the Canadian Cuba Solidarity Network) and sponsored by Niki Ashton, Member of Parliament for the province of Manitoba, is a strong demonstration of the solidarity of the Canadian people towards Cuba.

The ties and friendship between the peoples of Canada and Cuba go beyond the 76 years of uninterrupted diplomatic relations between the two countries. These relations have been cultivated, developed and strengthened over the years in various spheres of trade, investment, science, culture, sports and significantly in people-to-people ties. Suffice it to recall that more than one million Canadian tourists visited Cuba every year before the COVID19 pandemic, not only for its natural beauty and cultural riches but also for the warmth, hospitality and friendship of the Cuban people.

Canadians truly know the Cuban people, of their struggles to defend their independence, to achieve greater well-being and to overcome the blockade that the US has imposed on them for almost 60 years and which constitutes the main obstacle to their economic-social development and the exercise of their right to live in peace.  The Embassy of Cuba reiterates its gratitude to the Canadian Network on Cuba and the friends who from coast to coast are developing different initiatives to demand the end of this criminal policy.

Follow the link to the petition:

Embassy of Cuba in Canada.

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