The PHD Chamber of India promotes business with Cuba.


The PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India organized a virtual business meeting to promote business relations with a group of Latin American countries, including Cuba, Brazil and Peru. The meeting was chaired by Naveen Seth, Principal Director of the Chamber, and was attended by an outstanding group of Indian companies from different sectors.

On the Cuban side, the Ambassador to India, Alejandro Simancas Marín, explained the different options to boost trade relations between the two countries and Indian investments in the island, highlighting the possibilities in the Mariel Special Development Zone. He highlighted among the sectors with the greatest potential for business development: the biopharmaceutical industry, renewable energies, agriculture, the sugar industry, tourism and IT and new technologies. 

The PHD (Progress Harmony and Development) Chamber of Commerce and Industry, established in 1905, is one of the largest in India.


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