Philippine press media highlight Cuban ambassador's visit

Cuban Ambassador Florentino Batista González, in a meeting with solidarity groups and the media

Philippine press media highlight this week the visit of the Cuban ambassador Florentino Batista González, concurrent in that Asian country.

The press highlights that, according to the ambassador, Cuba has much to contribute in the exchange between nations, especially in topics such as innovation, biotechnology, sports, medicine and education.

In his meetings with solidarity groups and with country leaders, as well as in meetings with the press, Florentino Batista González explained that Cuba is willing to work with the Philippines in any field in which the exchange can benefit, above all, the population of both countries.

“There are certain areas where we have accumulated experience and relative advantage, and one is the biomedical and biotech sector,” he added, “and we are willing to cooperate, willing to share what we have.”

The ambassador said that there have been initial talks between the nations on cooperation in the medical sector, but these, unfortunately, have been postponed due to the epidemiological crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the effects of the US blockade on Cuba. .

Cuba and the Philippines, despite the geographical distance, share historical and cultural ties, and the strengthening of economic and commercial exchange could be a next step to strengthen relations between the two countries.

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