The popular vote for the Family Code begins in Trinidad and Tobago.

Port of Spain, September 18, 2022. With the intonation of the notes of our National Anthem, the authorities of the School No.1 of the Circumscription No.30 of Trinidad and Tobago made official the constitution of the electoral table to carry out the suffrage by the Family Code. In accordance with the provisions of our Constitution, Electoral Law No.127 and the existing joint provisions between the MINREX and the CEN, the Code of Ethics was sworn in and the Code of Ethics was read for all the members of the electoral table, which through of their signatures, they expressed knowledge and compliance with all the elements set forth in the governing documents established to carry out this popular referendum.

After the ballot box was sealed, the College opened its doors for the start of voting at 7:00 am, the first ballot being deposited in the ballot box by a voter member of the Cuban Medical Brigade that provides collaboration services in this country.

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