The President of the Grand National Assembly of Türkiye visited the Fidel Castro Ruz Center.

Together with the member of the Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee and Chairman of the National Assembly of People's Power and the Council of State, Esteban Lazo Hernandez, and to pay tribute to the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution; the President of the Grand National Assembly of Türkiye, Numan Kurtulmuş, toured the Fidel Castro Ruz Center in Havana on Thursday afternoon.

Speaking to the press in one of the specialized rooms, he highlighted his admiration for the work of the Commander-in-Chief and the relevance "that the country has placed in the hands of current and future generations by creating the museum".

He spoke respectfully of his legacy, delving into passages and anecdotes of the Commander in Chief, his life and example. Likewise, he shared with its director René González Barrios about the analysis work, interactive access exhibitions and information archives of the Center founded on November 25, 2021.

During the day, the head of the Turkish legislative body recalled Fidel's historic visit to his country in 1996, to the "Habitat II" Summit, his meetings with the main Turkish leaders of the time, and his great satisfaction upon arriving in Istanbul, when he expressed: "It is almost a dream (to be in Turkey) (...) a dream of history, a dream that was fulfilled of the thousands of years that have passed through this region where Turkey has played such a prominent role, it is really like a novel by García Márquez".


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