President of Liberia-Cuba solidarity group receives letter of appreciation from ICAP

Monrovia, August 26, 2022 - Cuban Head of Mission Mercedes L. Martinez Herrera handed over to Kesselee King Kanneh, President of the Liberia-Cuba Friendship Group, a letter of appreciation for the expressions of solidarity in the wake of the fatal accident of August 5, 2022.

In the letter, the Africa and Middle East director said: "We thank all of you and other friends in the region for your continued support to the Cuban people and the Cuban Revolution in these difficult times. Your messages of solidarity and encouragement strengthened our determination not to give up."

"Neither environmental adversities, nor pandemics, nor the blockade, will be able to bend our determination to continue the struggle to preserve the well-being of our people."

The leader of the Liberian solidarity group thanked for receiving the letter sent by ICAP and expressed the determination of the Liberian solidarity group to keep pace with Cuban events and accompany Cuba in each of its battles.


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