President of the Prison Services Council of Ghana holds meeting with the Cuban Ambassador

The Cuban Ambassador, Mr. Pedro L. Despaigne González received the visit of the President of the Prison Council of Ghana, Rev. Dr. Stephen Wengam, who was accompanied by other members of that Council.

The Ghanaian representative explained to the Cuban diplomat the prison system in Ghana, the role of the Council as an advisory body to the country's President in this matter, as well as the challenges they face and projections in their work. He also mentioned the new context that he appreciates in the development of the relations between Cuba and the United States and stated that the latest actions taken on this issue, including Obama's visit to the island, show Cuba's strength. He also recognized the quality of the Cuban medicine. He said he would request Cuba's cooperation in the prisons.

The Cuban Ambassador sketched out the Cuban prison system, the educational actions that are carried out with the people placed under the regime of internment in Cuba, as well as the guarantee in the attention to the health of all those people in prison. He also pointed out that despite the positive steps taken in the process of normalizing relations with the United States, the blockade against the Cuban people remained in force, which have had a negative impact on the Cuban economy and the quality of life of the Cuban population in general. 

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