President of solidarity group congratulates on the occasion of 49th anniversary of Liberia-Cuba bilateral relations.

Monrovia, April 15, 2023 - During a visit paid by the president of the Liberia-Cuba solidarity group Kesselee K. Kanneh to our diplomatic headquarters in Monrovia, the friend of Cuba sent a congratulatory message to the staff of our mission on the occasion of the celebration of the 49th anniversary of the establishment of bilateral relations on April 19.

The friend of solidarity was received by the Cuban Head of Mission Mercedes L. Martinez Herrera, who during the exchange referred to the role played by the friends of the solidarity group in favor of the progress in the ties between both countries, and to whom she thanked on behalf of the Cuban government for all the support provided in the battles that the Cuban people have had to fight in different sectors including the battle for the lifting of the criminal blockade imposed on us by the US.

Many of the members of the association are the fruit of the bilateral relations between both nations; they were born in Liberia and in Cuba they were formed and learned to be good men and women.

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