Prominent Iranian academics have successfully submitted their Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Tehran, January 31, 2021. Prominent Iranian academics, Doctors of Science, Fouad Izadi and Saeed ZibaKalam, submitted their Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize, after receiving confirmation from the Norwegian Prize Institute. Peace Nobel.

It is a reason for honor and gratitude that Dr. Izadi, associate professor of the Faculty of World Studies of the University of Tehran and Dr. Zibakalam, associate professor of philosophy of the Faculty of Literature and Humanities of the same house studies, have joined the international efforts to grant such deserved recognition to the Cuban international doctors. The nominations were promoted in the Islamic Republic of Iran by the always sister solidarity organization Casa de Latinoamérica (HOLA) and especially by its leader, the dear friend of Cuba Hamid Sharabi.

With the confirmation of these nominations, the Persian Nation joins the thousands of voices in the world that have requested the delivery of this recognition to the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade, whose mission is to provide humanitarian-medical-health aid to the populations of countries victims of natural disasters and epidemics, and contribute to their recovery.

Created in 2005 at the idea of ​​Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, the Contingent has carried out missions in multiple nations and non-autonomous territories. In Latin America and the Caribbean, it has been present in 22 countries, in Asia and Oceania in five, in Sub-Saharan Africa in thirteen, in North Africa and the Middle East it has assisted three countries and in Europe in three. More than 9,000 Cuban health professionals have participated in these missions, providing medical care to approximately 4 million people and saving more than 89,000 lives. Since the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic, Cuba has sent 55 brigades of the Henry Reeve Contingent to all regions of the world. Currently 38 are active, with a total of 2,544 employees.

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