Reason Is Our Shield

Dignity, resilience and unity are our greatest strengths in the face of the dishonest and mean annexationist action that serves the interests of the historical enemy of the Cuban nation in its attempt to fragment and divide us to defeat us.

After tough months of pandemic, harsh global economic crisis and a tightened and sustained blockade  –that has ostensibly affected our people-, Cuba has started to revive its social life, public places and services, schools, tourism and other sectors of the economy.

We are already the country of the Americas with the highest percentage of citizens receiving at least one dose of the anti COVID-19 vaccines; the one with the highest daily vaccination rate in the world and the only one able to develop a massive vaccination campaign among children from age 2.  All of that has been possible due to our country’s capability to produce its own vaccines, as a result of the scientific policy designed and promoted by Fidel and the talent of men and women trained by the Revolution.

We are getting back on our feet through our own efforts, thanks to the indomitable spirit, dignity and resilience of our people; with the serene and firm steering by the country’s leadership; with the spirit of victory and creativity that has been forged after many years of harsh battles.

Those who have bet on the failure of Socialism in Cuba and thought that July 11 was the final blow dealt to the Revolution are now disappointed and speeding up their plans. They attempt to prevent any possibility of wellbeing, individual and collective development, civil order and peace in our Homeland. 

For that reason they promote destabilizing actions in the country to provoke the incident that could lead to a social outburst that may bring about the longed-for military intervention that they have boisterously asked for in Miami and even in front of the very White House.

Neither the 62 years of blockade nor the additional 243 measures have succeeded, nor will they ever succeed, in knocking us down; thus the repeated attempts to orchestrate a “soft coup”.

This is part of the non-conventional war that is being severely enforced upon us. It is about dealing one blow after another.

During the presentation of the Central Report of the Eighth Congress of the Communist Party, Army General Raúl Castro Ruz launched the following warning:

“Programs of subversion and ideological and cultural influence meant to discredit the socialist model of development and present the restoration of capitalism as the only alternative have been intensified.

“The subversive component of the US policy towards Cuba is focused on undermining national unity.  In this sense, priority is given to actions targeting young people, women, academia, the artistic and intellectual sector, journalists, athletes, persons of diverse sexual orientation and religion. Issues of interest to specific groups linked to the protection of animals, the environment or artistic and cultural expressions are manipulated, with all efforts aimed at disregarding existing institutions.

“ Acts of aggression  continue to be financed with the use of radio and television stations based in the United States, while monetary support is growing for the development  of  platforms with ideological contents openly advocating the defeat of the Revolution, calling for demonstrations in public spaces, inciting sabotage and terrorist acts, including the assassination of law enforcement agents and representatives of the Revolutionary power.  They shamelessly announce the amounts paid from the United States to those who execute these criminal actions.

“Let us not forget that the US Government created the “Internet Working Group for Cuba” charged with turning social networks into channels of subversion, the creation of wireless networks beyond state control and the perpetration of cyber attacks on critical infrastructure.


“Lies, manipulation and fake news no longer know any limits. Through them, a virtual image of Cuba as a dying society with no future, on the verge of collapse, giving way to a longed-for social outburst, is being shaped and disseminated from the rooftops.

Traditional counterrevolutionary sectors as well as some new figures trained by the leadership courses financed by US foundations or the US federal budget have gathered together to try to materialize such aspirations.  They lack the social base in the country, but they have been properly trained, financed and supported from abroad.

The empire allocates the money and raises expectations among the annexationists they have trained who, under the false flag of pacifism, seek to provoke new social unrests, create chaos and incite destabilization in the country.

In recent weeks, they announced their intention to organize an allegedly peaceful march in November, which was conceived to take place simultaneously in several cities in the country. Their explicit goal and organizational scheme reveal an articulated provocation as part of the “change of regime” strategy for Cuba that has been rehearsed already in other countries.

They pick dates with a certain symbolism…But this time it seems that they also wanted to exhibit their annexationist stature. Did they want to celebrate President Biden’s birthday with an attack on the Revolution that has so much bothered the imperial administrations for 62 years now? Well, they were left wanting.

One of the promoters of the march has been trained in courses sponsored by the Argentinean right-wing foundation CADAL; US universities and think-tanks such as Carniege Endowment for International Peace (managed until very recently by the current CIA Director, William J. Burns). Subjects like the training of leaders, confrontation against government structures, mobilization dynamics and the role of the Armed Forces in a “democratic transition” were part of his indoctrination.

On July 11 last he organized an attempt to storm the Cuban Radio and Television Institute, according to Instruction 167 of the ‘Non-Violent Workshop’ which indicates as follows: Non-violent “attacks”: Invasions: It all begins with a march, followed by the peaceful occupation of a place or a facility.

More recently he has joined a subversive project, in the guise of an academic program, and has seated at its Deliberative Council together with terrorist Orlando Gutiérrez Boronat.

He has been joined by others who are calling for the demonstration in November, namely the counterrevolutionary ringleaders of the so-called Council for the Democratic Transition in Cuba, a platform that is articulated to promote an anti-constitutional coup in the country, who have brazenly recognized they have received funds from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a cover of the US government.

Soon after being announced by its organizers, the march received public and notorious support from US legislators, political operators of the anti-Cuban mafia and the media encouraging actions against the Revolution.

Tweets, statements, Assemblies of the Resistance and other frantic actions are making headlines in Miami these days, as if the demonstration were to take place in that city. Change of regime, overthrowing of government and military intervention are once again part of the prevailing narrative in South Florida.

Some of the most fervent supporters of the provocation are Congress members Marco Rubio, Mario Díaz-Balart and María Elvira Salazar; the re-convert terrorist Gutiérrez Boronat (who has declared his support to this action “to overthrow the regime”), the Cuban American National Foundation and the droves of mercenaries of the 2506 Brigade, whose current president declared in Miami that “with these steps, an outburst will be fomented inside Cuba so that, once again, our brothers and sisters would take to the streets, thus leading us to the collapse of a regime…”

As was denounced by the US media Mint Press News, many of the campaign operators in digital social networks supporting the demonstration reside in Florida and other American states. “The involvement of foreign nationals in the domestic affairs of Cuba is on a level that can scarcely be conceived of in the United States”, asserts the publication.

The direct involvement of the US government in the counterrevolutionary farce is both explicit and provocative. It has had no qualms about concealing it, and no one could honestly do that. High government officials are directly involved in its promotion and, with the support of the special services, its organization. The US embassy in Cuba has been an important instrument –although not the only one- whose public statements use to include flagrant interferences in the internal affairs of the nation.

That office, which resulted from the bilateral agreements signed in 2015 to normalize diplomatic relations between the two countries, has ceased to accomplish any diplomatic function for some years now. It is not even of use to offer the migration and consular services they call for, which citizens from both countries depend on.

Its officials, including the Chargé d’Affairs, are being forced into playing the indecent role of babysitters of  counterrevolutionary exponents and provocateurs in our country and have been entrusted with the unrewarding task of chasing them, providing them with logistic and material support and giving them advice and instructions. All of that is well known and documented.  The very activity deployed in digital networks by the embassy facilitates the evidence of whatever is going on and is being done by the counterrevolution.

That behavior is in full violation of International Law, particularly the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

With such sponsors and declared purposes it is very difficult to presume civility and pacifism in the action that has been scheduled for November -let alone legitimate and sovereign intentions.

What is really at stake here –and no one should have any doubt about that- is the right of Cuba to defend itself from a foreign aggression, regardless of its disguise.

The organizers have attempted to invoke the Constitution to legitimize the provocation.  They have resorted to constitutional precepts to defend anti-constitutional strategies. They claim they have the right to demonstrate, as established by the Constitution, but they cynically forget that Article 45 of that same Constitution points out that the rights of persons are limited, among other thingss, by the observance of this supreme precept: “The exercise of the rights of persons is only limited by other persons’ rights, collective security, general wellbeing, observance of civil order, the Constitution and the laws.”

Article 4 of that Constitution, approved in a referendum hardly three years ago by 86.85 per cent of voters, clearly defines that: “The socialist system that endorses this Constitution is irrevocable”. Article 229 also states that: “Under no circumstances would the statements referred to the irrevocable character of the socialist system established under Article 4 be reformed and it will be prohibited to negotiate under the circumstances described under Article 16 (a).”

It is clear that neither now nor in the future could the right to demonstrate be used to subvert the political system, overthrow the Cuban socialist project or establish alliances with groups and organizations receiving money from abroad with the purpose of promoting the interests of the US government and other foreign powers.

In our country there is no right to work in favor of the interest of a foreign power and jeopardize citizens’ stability.  Getting involved in an annexationist project is against the Constitution and it is both illegitimate and immoral. It has been so established by our laws and our history.

And so had been warned by our National Hero José Marti: “There is another more sinister plan than any we have known up to now in our history, and that is the iniquity of forcing the island, of precipitating it into war, in order to have the pretext to intervene in it, and with the credit earned as guarantor and mediator, to keep it as its own. (…) To die, in order to give ground to these people who are pushing us into death, for their own benefit? Our lives are worth a lot more, and the Island needs to know it in due time.  And there are Cubans, Cubans who, in a dissembled boast of patriotism, serve these interests!”

Enough of lies and gross manipulations of facts! No one will be crushed by tanks in the streets, as has been announced by the spokespersons of the next provocation.  The Moncada drills are part of the training that we usually do in preparation for our defense.  In view of such provocations, we have the most legitimate right to defend the people and their achievements.

Dignity, resilience and unity are our greatest strengths in the face of the dishonest and mean annexationist action that serves the interests of the historical enemy of the Cuban nation in its attempt to fragment and divide us to defeat us.

They have not been able to succeed, nor will they ever be. Reason is our shield.


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