Remarks to the cuban civil society excluded from the Summit of the Americas.

Comrades all;

Allow me to begin with words that were told more than one century ago:

“When a strong nation wants to fight a battle with another, it demands allegiance and service from those nations dependent upon it. The first thing a nation does to dominate another is to separate it from other nations.”

This was written by Jose Marti 130 years ago after attending the Monetary Conference, a feast purposely designed by a burgeoning United States for the young republics of Our America.

Martí, who had been accredited by the government of Uruguay, o behalf of which he had been acting as Consul General in New York since 1887, apparently was almost excluded based on unexplainable delays and deceitful excuses by the State Department.

That Conference failed and it is affirmed that the Cuban decisively contributed to that, for he later on wrote a profound and demolishing analysis dictated by his own conscience on the dangers Our America would be exposed to should it accept the monetary union.

In forthright terms, without euphemisms of any sort, Martí defined in those lines the inability of the United States to understand it southern neighbors.  And I quote: “They believe in the incomparable superiority of ‘the Anglo-Saxon race over the Latin’.  They believe in the inferiority of the Blacks, whom they enslaved yesterday and vex today; and of the Indians, whom they are exterminating.  They believe that the Spanish American nations are made up principally of Indians and Blacks.

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