Resolution against Cuba in the European Parliament is rejected in the US.

From the United States, members of the Women in Struggle movement today expressed their rejection of a European Parliament resolution against Cuba, which they described as hostile.

We stand in solidarity with the people and leadership of this Revolutionary Cuba that does send armies, but of teachers, doctors, firefighters and emergency personnel, the group emphasized in a statement sent to Prensa Latina.

The resolution presented in the European Parliament, which deals with the EU-Cuba cooperation and political dialogue agreement, reflects once again the imperialist interference of the State that causes the most wars and political instability in the world: the United States of America, it stressed.

We have no doubt that these right-wing European representatives are mere messengers that feed the lowest and most inhuman political tendencies, the message added, warning about a "resurgence of racist attacks on African immigrants in several countries of the European Union".

It also pointed out that as people residing in the United States, its members are also "witnesses of the attacks committed daily against their own poor, black, Latino and immigrant population".

The Women in Struggle collective affirmed that Cuba overflows with love instead of weapons, promotes and embraces negotiation as it has well demonstrated in its role in favor of peace in Colombia.

The National Assembly of People's Power of Cuba, condemning the above-mentioned anti-Cuban maneuver, warned that it has a highly interfering content, defames the reality of the Caribbean country and has double standards when it comes to passing judgments on issues that do not pay attention in the same member states.

On July 12, the European Parliament approved a non-binding resolution referring to the declarations of the Council and the European Commission, and the status of the Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement between the European Union (EU) and Cuba.

This followed the visit to Havana by the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, on the occasion of the Third Cuba-European Union Joint Council.

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